Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fly-boy "Animation" Sequence

On-page "animation" messing with secondary motion.


Me working with some natural poses, borded with unatural beings.

Random Mayhem

Go team sci-fi/fantasy!

Based off magazine peoples dressed all scifi/fantansy awesome.

Freindly Gaberhood

Some more realisitic characters I've designed off segments from magazines.

Genie Weenie

Character designs for a cartoon I'm working on. I'll get into story details if you meet me face to face. Otherwise I'd like to keep some of my ideas of the web.
(Top) Ric: Shaman turned genie after death.
(Bottom) Hic: God only knows. He likes to drink and cause trouble.
Playface: Neighborhood bully. Obsessed with being masculine and grotesque to compensate for his delicate facial features. Hic's arch nemesis.
Vac the Vampire: Ric's arch nemesis.

Evil Geniuses

Here's a series of "evil genius" type characters who go back to when I was middle school aged.

Donavon "Rat" of the World: A white, fluffy, genocidal dictator ashamed of his hamster heritage.
Dr. Squash: Result of years of tampering with our produce. Develops his own zombie race from the losts souls of the recently deceased and junk food.
Peppurr Phd: He....does a lot of things...he shouldn't be proud of.

Bird Eye Gabe

So it has been AWHILE since I've added all my loveRly draw'ns to this blog. Kicking it off this January is a character design of yours truly if I were to make a bird eye game of myself...ya know..akin to the Zelda series. Lets see if I ever have enough ambition to learn some programing.