Sunday, December 20, 2009


Gabriel Carroll-Dolci

(816) 703-9422

Programs used in order of experience: Flash, US Animation, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & After Effects, Vegas, AS2, 3D Max, Maya, XSI


October 2007 LA Animation Festival 2007
Featured Animation, Wax Tux

March 2007 Pfeffer/Fischetti Political Cartoon Contest
1st Place Multi-Panel, 2nd Place Single-Panel

May 2006 Tango Productions Character Design Contest
5 designs used in cartoon pitch for Nickelodeon Studios

March 2006 Pfeffer/Fischetti Political Cartoon Contest
1st Place Single-Panel, Honorable Mention Multi-Panel

FREELANCE October 2007-Present

October 2009-Present Ithra Corp.
Flash Comic Strip Illustrator. Animate 10 comic strips a week based off given script.

October 2008-November 2008 Exclaim Inc.
Flash Animator. Animated a short commercial for Methode Electronics, Inc. TechSensor Technologies.

Sept 2007-Present Gernhardt Publications
Political Cartoonist. Writing and illustrating political cartoons under a weekly deadline. Cover design.

July 2007-Sept 2007 Builder Consulting
Graphic Designer. Create website and logo designs with Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash posted with Dreamweaver.

April 2007-June 2007 Chicago Club Line Magazine
Political Cartoon Illustrator. Illustrate according to featured political article under print deadline.

January 2007- March 2007 Out on a Limb on WYCC
Televised Animation. Aired animated music video, George Bush: Whatever, as a sketch comedy segment.


Feb 2008-October 2009 FLW International
Flash Animator/Graphic Designer. Animate and create character rigs in Flash for animated shorts and games. Designing websites, banners, business cards and apparel layouts for FLW and affiliated clients.

October 2006-July2008
T-shirt Designer. Create t-shirt design according to description and reference images under 2 week deadline.

March 2001-July 2001 Kaman’s Art Dept.
Caricature Artist. Draw and sell color/black and white caricatures at an amusement park. Duties include drawing faces, bodies, and backgrounds according to customer request.


September 2004-May 2007 Columbia College Chicago
BA Film: Traditional Animation Concentration

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