Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Animator...I is one.

Animator..I is one. I work at FLW International. I make cartoons for this site they produce called

Here are a few I've done all the animation for..typically in two work days (16 hours.)

See dems:

That one (above) is about March Madness and prostitution. Look out. There's brief nuditity.

This one (above) I did layouts (backgrounds and extra characters) and it was the first one I worked on. DON'T CLICK IT AT WORK. There's a penis in it. A LOT Of penis.

This one (above) spin off of lolcats. No penis. Show your grandma. She'll love it.

And this (above...of course) is the first one I worked on. There's no penis in this but I've heard the eggroll is a little phalic.

Meet Bev

Check out this. This is where the cartoon I've been illustrating for is up. Bev, Efficient 1960s secretary. It's good/funny stuff. You want to look at it. Trust me ya do.